Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess

Yes, Melanie is now 4. She had a wonderful celebration of her life. On Wednesday, her birthday she had a school celebration in which we brought in a cookie cake and Clint and I got to spend a few minutes in her class. Later that afternoon she got to open presents at home and go to Mexican with our friends. She was NOT fond of having whip cream put on her nose or having Happy Birthday sung to her. She told me she didn't do that when she was 3 so she didn't know about it but she would be kinder to the workers when she was 5 :) We culminated her birthday with a princess party. Her good friend from gymnastics, Kylie came. As did her BFF Caroline and Drew, Sarah, and Nate. Instead of cake Melanie decided on decorate your own cupcakes, top your own icecream sundaes and Mamaw had Cathy's beauty salon when she painted all of the girl's fingernails. Memaw (Clint's grandmother) is sick and in the hospital so Donna and Rodney had to go to Mississippi to take care of her. Melanie was mature and seemed to understand in her own way why there were not there and I think is actually excited that she will get to celebrate her birthday one more time when they come back to town. Clint and I have a hard time realizing that we have actually have a kid (or 2) and that one of them is FOUR! How can that be? I still can picture Clint and I in HS flirting with one another and who would have ever thought that 15 years down the road we would have this amazing family to show for it. Although it seems unreal that in about 7 weeks I'll be writing about my baby turning 2, Mel turning 4 is still crazy!

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Cathy said...

Time passes quickly. Enjoy your sweet girls.