Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blah- literally!

So, after having a piece together kind of dinner at home with the neighbors Natalie gagged on a piece of cheese. Next thing we know she is throwing up literally on Nate's head and arms- gross! Nate was okay with it all and Melanie surprisingly didn't throw up herself...we're making headway in her gag reflex! After dividing and conquering (Chris= Mel, Aileen= Nate, Clint= mess and I= Natalie) we thought we had the disaster under control. Until Natalie started projectile vomiting all of her day's worth of food. It was massive and the biggest throw up either girl has ever done. Natalie was upset I had puke everywhere and Clint was trying to quickly help clean it all up. I took Natalie straight to the bath and after about 10 minutes of cuddling she was up and off and ready to play again. I have no idea what happened but I stripped her bed of all "non essentials" tonight just in case. What an eventful end to a very uneventful day!


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